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Are all lithium batteries the same?

No. There are at least 6 different chemical compositions of lithium batteries that all have different properties and uses. There are also a large number of manufacturers, form factors and variants within the same type of battery chemistry. They are also available with different production qualities, cells and electronic entrails.

Which cells are built in Versabatt G2?

You will find 130x LG 2170 M50LT battery cells in Versabatt. These are also built in Tesla model 3 and are as far as we know the best high capacity cells in the market today.

Does Versabatt give off gasses?

No. Versabatt does not gas, and can be safely installed in living rooms without its own battery ventilation, in contrast to lead-acid batteries that require ventilation.

Does Versabatt have to be mounted standing like a lead-acid battery?

No, Versabatt can be mounted at all angles.

I have a motorhome type x, can I use Versabatt?

Yes, you can even combine it with solar panels so you can stay off-grid for a longer period. Furthermore, Versabatt takes 50% less space than most of the other battery packs in the market today, making it ideal for motorhomes.

Is Versabatt registered in the official master database for electronic products in Norway (EFObasen)?

Yes. You can find it here

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